"Find what brings you joy and go there" -- Jan Phillips

About Us

A Puerto Vallarta wedding combines a wonderful event with the excitement of a vacation, the romance of a honeymoon, the magic of old Mexico, and the elegance of Vallarta itself. A wedding in paradise!

Hello, I'm Laura Cardenas de Lampaert, and I do weddings of all sizes in Vallarta. I've lived here over 25 years. I didn't know it then, but all my experience has carefully guided me to this.

Location Catering in Hollywood; coordinating to casting in Film Production in Puerto Vallarta; Food & Beverage both in hotels & restaurants, and Public Relations throughout has woven my experience to create the fabric of wonderful events.

It didn't take long at all to discover that I could use all the same skills in the production of weddings, and I thrive on every aspect of it. The sense of creating magic and romance is all around. Let us create your wedding in paradise.

I Do Vallarta will view your event through eyes of experience, always keeping in mind that each and every wedding is unique. We'll carefully breakdown the event into parts during the planning and gather it all up to create one flowing and magical night.