"Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts."
-- William Shakespeare


The ceremony, while perhaps the briefest element of the event, is at the core, the very reason you are gathered. Your family and friends have come to witness the commitment you will be making. Whether the ceremony is on the beach, a veranda, chapel or church, I Do Vallarta will handle this entire facet and all of its details.

Wedding Ceremonies can be formal and traditional or be kept very simple. Just as we will strive to integrate your sense of style and taste into all elements of the wedding, we help you select the ceremony right for you.

In Mexico there are basically two kinds of weddings, those that are considered symbolic and those legally recognized. In Mexico these are not the same!

The Department of Civil Registry performs the only legally recognized wedding (also recognized internationally). There is a long list of document requirements that will vary depending on your country of origin and marital status. It is not “one size fits all” – so be sure and let us know when you CONTACT US which type of ceremony you prefer. I Do Vallarta will handle the processing of documents as well as assist you with everything involving the requirements on this side of the border.

From religious to spiritual, whether it’s Catholic Church, Non-denominational Minister, Rabbi or Guru, all ceremonies (not performed by the judge from Dept of Civil Registry) are considered Symbolic.

Many couples, preferring to forego the rigorous documentation requirements, will quietly and privately marry first at their home City Hall and choose a Symbolic ceremony in Puerto Vallarta.

Wedding ceremonies, (except for church weddings) will usually take place at the same site as the reception, so choosing a venue becomes doubly important.

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