""Love does not consist in gazing in each other, but of looking outward together in the same direction."
-- Antoine de St. Exupery

Why a Destination Wedding

One simple reason for opting for a Destination Wedding is that it will naturally trim the guest list. Only your nearest and dearest will travel to be with you on this momentous day. The occasion will be naturally smaller and intimate wedding receptions are more personal. Did I say more fun? That too.

Even if you are planning something small and intimate at home, planning a wedding is not like planning a Backyard BBQ or even an elegant family gathering. You’ve got to start with choosing the date, then move on to wardrobe and invitations. Now it gets thick, choosing the “fun” details from menu to music, photography to favors & first dance, cake and cocktails to ceremony and seating. The list goes on. What happened to simple?

Another reason. With part of the money you will save, you might consider some amazing touches that would be prohibitively costly in the U.S. Things like fireworks. (The kind you see on the 4th of July over the Statue of Liberty are actually affordable here.) Even a splurge like having a Cigar Roller on site for after dinner is possible. The list goes on and on.

Location itself might be an issue with your new family. You’re from San Francisco, he is from New York; you both met at college in Chicago and you now live in Houston. A destination wedding can solve this dilemma in a wonderful way.

A destination wedding can also provide your guests with a vacation, family with a reunion and a host of other good reasons.

Need another good reason? It’s less work! If packing a suitcase and getting on a plane is the biggest stress you’ll have, life is good.

The list goes on, but whatever your reasons might be, choosing a Destination Wedding is the wisest and probably first important choice you will make as a couple. I Do Vallarta can be the best contact you ever made.