"Thereís a world of difference between truth and the facts"
-- Maya Angelou

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Our Marriage Be Legal?

Only Weddings performed by an Officer of the Office of Civil Registry is legally recognized. Any other Ceremony, whether it is performed by the Catholic Church, a Rabbi or nondenominational Minister is considered Symbolic. If you choose a Symbolic Ceremony and forego all of the paperwork, you first must be legally married (at home or in Mexico by the Registro Civil).

Do I need a passport?

YES! A valid Passport is now required for travel to Mexico for U.S. Citizens. (Remind your guests of this when you send your Save-the-Dates!)

Whatís the weather like?

High Season months are generally considered to be from December to April, the ďshoulderĒ or in between months of Oct & Nov and May are sometimes considered High Season as well, but can also be named Mid Season. Itís important to check this individually with the villa or hotel as everyone has their own rules and rates.

Itís High Season because the weather is almost perfect! Bright sunny days with cooler evenings perfect for any out door gathering. Average HI temperatures in the low 80ļís and average LO in the low 70ļís in the evening.

SUMMER- from June thru September. Itís HOT and HUMID and itís RAINY SEASON! Thatís when our otherwise subtropical climate turns truly tropical. Itís a steamy jungle! Good news? The rains cool everything down. Bad news? Most people donít come to Vallarta to enclose themselves in 4 walls in order to feel livable in A/C (and this is a must for most!). The rain definitely puts a damper on any outdoor party. Good news? It doesnít rain all day and night. The rains are usually soft cooling tropical showers and it feels great! Bad news? You canít predict when and how long itís going to rain, but you can always count on HOT & HUMID ÖÖ.. and itís always a bad hair day in the summer!

Can I have my wedding dress pressed?

Yes. With pick-up and delivery service and at very affordable prices. I will be happy to arrange this for you.

Are there good doctors? Hospitals?

Thank goodness, YES! Although I hope we will not need their services. There also good chiropractors, excellent Dentists and Homeopaths as well.

What if we have vegetarians or guests with food allergies?

Make sure we are aware of any food allergies and dietary restrictions. We can provide alternative menus for you or your guests.

What are the (local) distances?

Speaking locally, our bay boasts over 100 miles of coastline, covering two states, two time zones and part of the coast is only accessible by sea. We are very careful to take this into consideration when recommending wedding venues & guest hotel accommodations.

If you have already made hotel arrangements or venue choices that will require transportation logistics, we make those arrangements for you.

What time zone are you in?

Central. Same as Chicago, Dallas, Mexico City, etc.

Does Daylight Savings time apply?

Yes. Please check with me to be sure, the begin dates are different than in the U.S.

What about local transportation?

Luxury A/C buses as well as chauffeured van and cars. Refreshments and chilled damp towels are optional.

Is security a problem?

It has never been a problem, however on request, I have hired security for events. This is standard procedure for many celebrities (whether or not they really need it), their agents insist! It has been explained that this is more to keep Paparazzi out, not because of a security threat. For those that know the standard, it is far less expensive in Puerto Vallarta but taken equally serious.

Internet Service?

High Speed Wireless is the standard in most villas and hotels.

Will my cell phone work?

Check with your provider. Unless you request international service, itís common that your phone will not work here.

Is the water safe?

Yes! Most everywhere you will be, water will be clean and safe. A word of caution: Stay away from street stands. Even if the smells are seductive, itís not the food as much as the sanitation. Where dogs & burros have walked (to mention the obvious), the dust will be contaminated and this may well be carried up to your delectable taco as the bus roars by. Think about it.