"Love is the beginning, the middle, the end of everything."
-- Jean B.H. Lacordaire


The magic begins the moment the night he proposes… When reality hits, you have to start planning. The plans get overwhelming. The guest list slowly swells and becomes ridiculously enormous. The cost also becomes astronomical. Then you start to think that eloping is not such a bad option … but not really what you have in your hearts.

I Do Vallarta specializes in smoothing the way and eliminates the uncertainties and in creating your dream wedding. Whether your plans are for a medium or large wedding, a small intimate gathering or just the two of you, barefoot-on-the-beach, you will want to enjoy the moment and not let stress dampen your bliss.

I Do Vallarta has assembled an abundant portfolio of talented service providers and is best known for its genius in pairing them to produce unique wedding events. I Do Vallarta listens to your wishes, combines them with your wedding budget and partners the professionals to create the entourage for your wedding event.

We coordinate everything for you, from the "Fundamental 5"--Venue, Menu, Music, Flowers, Photography--to the icing on the cake. Let Laura and her staff tend to the business of your wedding.

Please go to Contact Us so you can tell us a bit about yourselves. The more details we know about you and your dreams, the better we can envision what you see in your mind's eye.

Whether you found us by referral or were simply surfing, we are glad you're here. May good fortune smile on us both.